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Spring Season Recap - Girls

Recap of Rush Pikes Peak's girls competitive teams:

U11 Rush were promoted to Premier 2 for the spring season and showed they belonged at the higher level of competition by finishing in 7th place and securing a spot for Premier 2 next season. Midfielder Lucy Hart joined the Colorado Rush U11s, which play in Super League; Lucy is the youngest Rush Pikes Peak player to make the jump to the Denver branch. U11 Rush coach Brian Lux emphasized a style of play based on passing and dribbling and encouraged the team to train as much as possible through Rush’s tutor program.

U11 Nero finished its spring with a win against U11 Colorado Rush Weiss at the Front Range Invitational Tournament. Coach Erich Bartelt is excited to welcome some new players to the team and congratulates those who have moved up to Rush teams for next season.

U12 Rush hit its stride in the spring season, improving on its win total from the fall season by four and, more importantly, starting to apply many of the ideas coach Brian Lux has emphasized in training. The team has spent a lot of time working on passing, dribbling, and working as a team and Lux was happy with the progress each player has made.

U12 Azul had a difficult road but coach Lauren Meehan was thrilled with the improvement she saw on the field during the season. The team never lost its fighting spirit and the team showed its ability to connect passes and control the ball in 1 v 1 situations.

U13 Rush improved on its point total from the fall season by 13 points and enjoyed a winning record of 4-3-2 against the same opponents it played in the fall. Coach Nik Penn emphasized a possession style and is happy with the progress the team showed throughout the year, specifically Hannah Burgess who stepped up to play goalkeeper this spring. Torrie Brodish and Chantae Steele played with the U13 girls Rush Select at the Open Cup this past April.

The U13 Nero earned four more points in the spring season than in the fall, highlighting the improvements made during the spring. Claire Thomson, Camille Burroughs, Audrey Faue, Meredith Rees, and Arielle Keating joined the U14 Rush team that won the Front Range Invitational Tournament on June 1.

U13 Azul finished near the top of the pack in league. Coach Larry Friend was pleased with the progress made and effort by the team all year.

U13 Cinza played admirably all season, including a win against U13 Azul. Coach Kevin Connors was happy with each player’s improvement during the season.

U14 Rush hit its stride in the second half of the spring season, earning points against some of the top teams in the league and winning the Glenwood Springs Invitational over Memorial Day weekend and the Front Range Invitational Tournament the following weekend.

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