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Rush Girls Start Spring HS Seasons

Congratulations to the following Rush players that have made their high school teams for this Spring season. If anyone has any players to add to the list, please contact Brian Lux at

U14 Nike

Natalie Rees - The Classical Academy Varsity

U15 Nike

Brooke Buzzell - Palmer Ridge Varsity

Alex Ragen - Rampart Varsity

Marie Ryan - Cheyenne Mountain Junior Varsity

Sydney Skinner - Palmer Ridge Junior Varsity

Stephanie Deines - Cheyenne Mountain Junior Varsity

Morgan Quintana - Liberty Varsity

Lexi Moore - Liberty Junior Varsity

Amy Gargala - Palmer Ridge Junior Varsity

Christina Woshner - Discovery Canyon Varsity

Kendall Schauer - Discovery Canyon Varsity

Michala Barber - Air Academy Varsity

Darby Cross - Mesa Ridge Varsity

Hailey Peterman - Air Academy Varsity

Michellie Thurman - Air Academy Junior Varsity

Jenna Hartley - Palmer Varsity

U16 Nike

Abby Wastler - Doherty Varsity

Gabby Bruno - Pine Creek Junior Varsity

Emily Loof - St. Mary's Varsity

Alex Sjobakken - St. Mary's Varsity

Ana Nutter - St. Mary's Varsity

Ashley Bradford - St. Mary's Varsity

U16 Platinum

Abby Wastler - Doherty Varsity

Molly Stellwagen - Doherty Varsity

Marisa Paukovich - Doherty Varsity

Brittany Clark - Mitchell Varsity

Sam Knoll - Falcon Varsity

Rachel Craft - St. Mary's Varsity

Carina Friend - St. Mary's Varsity

Tess Thomas - St. Mary's Varsity

Whitney Whitehill - Rampart Varsity

Charlene Hall - Rampart Junior Varsity

Indigo Wagner - Pine Creek Level III

Annie Borre - Cheyenne Mountain Junior Varsity

Kaelyn McCann - Cheyenne Mountain Junior Varsity

Maggie Sheahan - Cheyenne Mountain Junior Varsity

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