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Fields - Titan Archive

Titan Field Project Event (revised 10/4/07)
(10.10.07) Visit the Titan Field Project site on November 10, 2007 at 3pm to dedicate the new storage building and preview our indoor soccer building plans. 

Titan Senior Shed Breaks Ground
(3.21.07) A Message from Tim Schulz: Hello Rush families.  This past weekend generated good news and bad news on the foundation dig at Titan.  The good news:  we started digging.  After 14 years of planning, the construction begins!!  The bad news: we ran into some bad soil (bentonite).  This means we need to take our time and do a few changes to the foundation.  Many of you were going to volunteer help this weekend (3/17-3/18), but we will not be building.

The project is on a short delay, so please be patient.  We will keep you posted on a construction schedule and have one out shortly.  We need your help and appreciate all of your inquiries of how to get involved.

Rush Field Project Update
(3.14.07) We are planning to install a culvert, cut a driveway and lay a foundation for the development of the Titan Project as soon as the snow melts!  We have some received some very good donations to start building our Senior Shed.  On March 31st, we will start construction on this 2,000 sq. ft building.  Come join us pound some nails!  We will work from 7am until 5pm from March 31st until the project gets completed for an estimated 20 days.

Our next Titan Committee meeting will be on June 16th at 12:00.  This get together will be open to the public as we are going to do a walk through of our entire layout.

Please email if you have any questions or would like to get involved with the project

>  Click here for more detailed information on the Titan land development project.

Titan Project Committee
(12.15.06) The following list of Rush members have volunteered on the Titan Committee.  This committee list are Rush members who have offered to assist in the development the 52 acres on a variety of buildings and soccer playing surfaces located at 9665 Roxborough Park Road, Littleton, CO 80125.  The committee is mainly comprised from a member from each team in the club to mainly aid in the communication to the respective teams and act as a conduit from the club to the membership and vice versa.  The committee will also convene once every few months to cover more detailed progress and direction.  To those who have volunteered, thank you.  To those who wish to become a committee member, contact us at

Jason Craven, Brian Foxhoven, Rob Frank, Gary Groner, Jancey Hagen, Jack Hoagland, Jim Jones, Bill Kiebel, Dave Kriese, Julie Lachance, Darrel Lathrop, Bill Leutzen, Julia Limpard, Doug Loupee, Lisa Maestas, Roger McCain, Randy McDonald, Gregg Munchiando, Donna Pettigrew, Cathey O’Conner, Bob Rogers, Tim Schulz, Dave Seagraves, Bob Sheets, Steve Stillwell, David Temple, Rob Teti

"The task ahead of you is never as great at the power behind you."

Colorado Rush Land Project Update
(11.10.05) As most of the membership is aware, the Colorado Rush recently purchased 52-acres of land near Chatfield Reservoir for the purpose of building soccer fields and a clubhouse complex.  Since purchasing the parcel, the club has been preparing our project plans and researching some of the obstacles that must addressed before actual dirt work can begin.  Chief among the present obstacles is county zoning, especially as it relates to water and sanitation, traffic, community impact and the general use of the land as a soccer facility.  There are many options available to the club as we focus on satisfying Douglas County planners that our overall project intentions in the area are compatible with the county’s overall master plan.  Among these are to submit a Use by Special Review application to allow soccer fields under the land’s current agricultural designation; to petition to change the current agricultural zoning to commercial or other designation that would allow more intensive development of the land for soccer on any scale; or to partner with other landowners in the area to modify the county’s master plan to permit similar residential, commercial and recreational uses throughout the Chatfield Basin.  The club has been hard at work evaluating the options, working with civil engineers, state/county officials and other community leaders to optimize our chances for success.   The success of our overall project depends entirely on our ability to get our plans approved by Douglas County, and the club is focused submitting a timely, deliberate and informed proposal as circumstances allow.  We will update this space as developments warrant.

Land Acquisition
(11.01.04) We are pleased to announce that the Colorado Rush Soccer Club has acquired 52-acres of land near Chatfield Lake State Park. The Rush will officially close on the property on February 1, 2005, ending what has been a years-long search to find an affordable and geographically acceptable location on which to build a permanent home for the club. Located at the southwest corner of Roxborough Park Road and Titan Road, this beautiful parcel of land and the fields that will soon be built there represent the dreams of so many of our parents, players, coaches and staff.  We hope that you will share in our excitement as we make this incredible investment in the future of our club, and we encourage all of our members to visit the site to see its potential firsthand.

Without question the purchase of the land is really the first stage in realizing our dream of a Rush field and clubhouse complex, and we have many challenges to overcome before breaking ground.  For instance, at this moment we are currently preparing applications to Douglas County to authorize the construction and use of soccer fields in an agricultural zone.  We expect a decision on that application sometime this summer, and we remain optimistic that our plans will be approved.  At the same time we are planning the capital fundraising programs that will be critical to our ability to finance the construction of fields in the years to come.  As a non-profit organization we will seek funding from various local and national philanthropic foundations and corporations, but the ultimate success of this great project will rely primarily on the active and committed support of the families that constitute our organization.  These and other challenges stand between us and our goal of a permanent club home, but we are confident in the support of the whole Rush family as we tackle this exciting project.

Although the land acquisition is a big step in helping in our field shortage issues, this land acquisition will compliment our current field availablity.  We will continue in our neighborhood concept for the Developmental Branch.  However, we will move some of our optional programs to the new site such as Soccerfest, Rush Cup, etc.

I look forward to keeping you updated as developments warrant and invite any questions or comments you might have related to this land acquisition.  Thank you for your continued support. - Tim Schulz, President

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