Rush Pikes Peak Soccer Club

7 v 7 Tournament

The Rush Pikes Peak 7 v 7 Tournament is a seasonal event conducted to give all the players in the club a chance to play with and against other players within their age group in a fun environment. Players are randomly selected to different teams of seven or eight and given about five minutes to choose a team captain and team name, allowing the kids to start interacting with unfamiliar players and coming together as quickly as possible. The teams are then put into a tournament setting playing as many as five games against all the other teams. The tournament is a fun event, where the players have a chance to play different positions, make new friends and build club camaraderie. No coaching is allowed at the event.

The Fall 7v7 tournament will be held on September 19th and September 21st at Discovery Park.  For information on times and dates for your age group, please click HERE.


Rush Pikes Peak Soccer Club

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