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Rush Pikes Peak is proud to offer the best goalkeeper training in Colorado Springs. All competitive goalkeepers are invited to train in an 8 week program each season to help improve their technical abilities, reading the game, fitness and goalkeeper psychology. For the latest updates to schedule changes, please contact Erich Bartelt at

Goalkeeper sessions take precendence over team and staff training sessions.

Goalkeepers are expected to be on time with a ball, water and proper training gear. Long sleeve shirts and pants are recommended.

Spring 2015 Goalkeeper Training Schedule

Begins the week of March 9

First two weeks are hour long sessions

Beginning the week of March 23, sessions will be 75 minutes long

Wednesday and Thursday sessions will be at Discovery and Friday sessions will be at Boddington

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Goalkeeper Coaching Resources:

Please see below for the Rush Pikes Peak Goalkeeper Coaching Resources. These simple tips can help team coaches and goalkeepers take their abilities to the next level. Click any of the links below for a downloadable and printable document.

#1 - Punting

#2 - Punting to Attack

#3 - Communication

#4 - Playing Out of The Back

#5 - Gloves

#6 - Position Relative to Team When in Possession

#7 - Saving Penalties

#8 - Dealing With Breakaways

#9 - Presence

#10 - Dealing With Backpasses

For any questions concerning the Goalkeeping Program, please contact Erich Bartelt, Director of Coaching - Goalkeeping at


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