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Technical Director Nik Penn and Family Help Firefighters

WaldoPennsIn late June, the Waldo Canyon fire ripped through the western communities of Colorado Springs. The blaze ultimately burned 346 houses to the ground, damaging many more and causing the evacuation of thousands of families (including the Rush Pikes Peak Office and several staff members). Unfortunately, five Rush families lost their homes.
During this time over 1000 firefighters were called from across the region to help battle the fire. They worked 12 hour (8am-8pm or 8pm-8am) shifts in extremely hot temperatures and over the extremely tough terrain of the Rocky Mountains. Many of the fire fighters would need to hike in over an hour to get to their locations to fight the blaze.
One of those firefighting heroes that helped save over 2000 homes was a former Rush Pikes Peak player, goalkeeper Brian Crawford (pictured 2nd from the left). Known to all as Catty for his cat-like reflexes, he explained, “When we first got called out we were in our station clothes. We ended up staying out there for 3 nights, with no change of clothes, socks or even underwear."
Having heard of the need for socks on television, Nik Penn and his kids, Oliver (Rush Rockets) and Charlotte (Mighty Mites), knew they needed to help. Through a generous donation from they were able to deliver over 60 pairs of socks to the firefighters that needed them. 
The guys at the Wescott Fire station in Colorado Springs told us, “The smoke was down below our knees and the only relief was to try and sleep out in the forest, laying down close to the ground. W feel like we had smoked 100 packs of cigarettes a day. Not only was there the terrain and the fire, but the animals were fleeing too, and we were awoken by a bear trying to flee the blaze through our staging area. There were several of them literally running down the road.”
Catty and the guys were very grateful for the donation. After the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs, they were immediately sent to Wyoming to fight a huge fire there. Catty said, “Although we have the fire here in Springs under control, the height of the fire season is not for another few weeks. These socks will still be put to good use I am afraid to say."
Rush Pikes Peak Soccer Club will be hosting an equipment donation day on July 28th at Discovery Park, from 10am-12pm to support those familis that are in need. Please contact Amanda Corley a for more information or to donate.
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